Order of Constantine Sig and Grand Trustee Breck Grover, TENNESSEE-KNOXVILLE 1969, has the dates of June 27–20, 2013, marked on his calendar for a trip to 79th Grand Chapter in Washington, D.C.
And nothing is stopping him from attending the Fraternity’s grand event as a delegate. Not even a battle with cancer.
Grover, representing the Denver Alumni Chapter, is currently being treated for multiple myeloma. Despite the hardship of taking on this disease, he is planning on enjoying his ninth Grand Chapter as a delegate in the US Capitol and running for another term as Grand Trustee.
“My hope and my prayer is that I can attend — bald or not,” Grover says with a chuckle about having to deal with the effects of his stem cell cancer treatment. “I probably will look 100 years older than I am, but going to Grand Chapter is still my plan. The Fraternity has meant a lot to me, and it’s true that being a Sigma Chi is a lifelong experience.”
Garrett McCarthy, WABASH 2013, was elected by his chapter to attend 78th Grand Chapter in Dallas, but an unscheduled commitment came up and he couldn’t make it. This time around, he is not going to miss out. “Any time you can have an impact on the Fraternity-at-large is a rewarding experience,” McCarthy says. “I appreciate that the undergraduates have a say in how the Fraternity makes decisions.”
Want to join Grover and McCarthy at Grand Chapter? Apply to become an alumni or undergraduate chapter delegate. All delegate forms are due to Sigma Chi International Headquarters by May 1, 2013. To access the delegate form, click here.
All alumni chapter/association delegates must complete their delegate forms and have them signed by the alumni chapter president and secretary, while undergraduate delegates must have their forms completed and signed by the chapter Consul and Annotator. In lieu of the difficulty around scanning and emailing signatures, Headquarters will also accept emails from Consuls and Annotators and alumni chapter presidents and secretaries as certification for Grand Chapter delegate forms.
In addition to filling out a delegate form, all delegates must also register for Grand Chapter. They can do so by going to grandchapter.sigmachi.org/register.
When delegate forms are completed, they can be mailed, emailed or faxed to Reece Schenkenfelder, WESTERN KENTUCKY 2010, alumni and volunteer services coordinator. Mailed delegate forms are preferred. Here’s where to send them:
By mail: 1714 Hinman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201;By email: reece.schenkenfelder@sigmachi.org;By fax: (847) 869-4906.
For alumni chapters and associations, they must have completed the 2013 alumni annual report and paid their dues in order to vote at Grand Chapter. Anyone with questions can please contact Schenkenfelder at (847) 869-3655, ext. 227.
“Having been a delegate on several occasions. It’s a wonderful experience. If you get a chance to be a delegate you should do it,” Grover says. “You get to know the Fraternity. I have been very fortunate that my brothers have chosen me to represent them.”