This past semester, two brothers at the chapter at East Tennessee State University showed some true Sigma Chi values.
A woman named Mariann Ramsey, a Johnson City, Tenn., resident, wrote a letter to the Johnson City Press about two young men who helped her out of a tough situation. In order to avoid a car accident, Ramsey drove against the curb with her car. Her right front tire was destroyed and she was left stranded on the side of the road.
According to Ramsey’s letter, two young men were walking down the street and Ramsey offered to pay them to change her tire. They were quick to change her tire, but would not accept her money because, as Ramsey writes, “they were not raised that way.” In conversation, she was told the two men, Matt Adkins, 2013, and Joseph Luna, 2013, were Sigma Chis at East Tennessee.
Ramsey was immediately impressed. “How refreshing to meet these young men whose values and standards mean more than money,” she wrote in her letter. “Sigma Chi and [Eastern Tennessee State University] can be proud of students of this caliber.”
Following the good deed, the chapter was pretty excited to read Ramsey’s grateful words. “We were kind of surprised and happy to see that it got in the [newspaper],” says Consul Andrew King, 2013.