On Oct. 5, the Executive Committee (EC) adopted proposed changes to the Fraternity's governing laws concerning the way in which undergraduate chapters are to go about obtaining approval for their pledge education programs, and ensuring that they are in line with the expectations of the Preparation for Brotherhood program. Specifically, the changes provide explicit instructions to undergraduates in terms of how they are to submit their pledge programs to their Grand Praetor for his approval, and what to do in the event the Grand Praetor is unresponsive.


“The revisions to the policies are intended to make standards for conducting a pledge program clearer and more consistent across the board while also being transparent with the Fraternity's expectations for the individual pledge programs operated by our chapters,” says executive director Michael Church, ILLINOIS 2005. “Until the EC adopts a uniform pledge program in the form of Preparation for Brotherhood, the Fraternity remains confident in the ability of the chapters and volunteers to implement effective and inspirational pledge programs that convey the teachings of the Fraternity and its high standards.”


To see a full summary of the changes, visit Sigma Chi's website or contact Church via email.