The Fraternity is currently well short of its total number of delegates needed for quorum at this summer’s 79th Grand Chapter in Washington, D.C.
With all undergraduate and alumni chapter delegate forms due May 1, 2013, Sigma Chi International Headquarters has only received 13 total forms — eight undergraduate and five alumni chapter/association — which makes the Fraternity short almost 200 forms needed for majority so votes can be passed at Grand Chapter.
For undergraduates, they must go through two different processes to register a delegate. The delegate must register online for Grand Chapter at grandchapter.sigmachi.org/register. If the member has not created a sigmachi.com profile yet, they will be prompted to do so at the time of registration.
There is to be only one delegate per chapter. Chapters can register an alternate delegate, but only one delegate can represent a chapter. The delegate must also complete the certified delegate form and return it to Reece Schenkenfelder, WESTERN KENTUCKY 2010, alumni and volunteer services coordinator. Mailed delegate forms are preferred. Here’s where to send them:
By mail: 1714 Hinman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201;By email: reece.schenkenfelder@sigmachi.org;By fax: (847) 869-4906.
Click here to access the delegate form. All alumni chapter/association delegates must complete their delegate forms and have them signed by the alumni chapter/association president and secretary, while undergraduate delegates must have their forms completed and signed by the chapter Consul and Annotator.
If delegates return the form without physical signatures, the Fraternity will need confirmation emails from the Consul and Annotator about who the delegate is. The email should read: “I, the (Consul/Annotator), am writing to confirm (Name of Delegate) as the delegate for the (Chapter Name) for Grand Chapter.” If the Consul is the delegate, then the Fraternity will only need a confirmation email from the Annotator.
Undergraduate delegates do not have to pay for the registration fee, but they will have to pay for travel and hotel accommodations. At the end of Grand Chapter, undergraduate delegates are eligible for a travel stipend of 8 cents per mile for the first 1,000 miles and 10 cents per mile thereafter.
Anyone with questions can contact Schenkenfelder at (847) 869-3655, ext. 227, or reece.schenkenfelder@sigmachi.org.–>