Brothers attending this month's Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) at Bowling Green State University should keep in mind what they will and will not need to pack before departing for Ohio.


In particular, participants should be sure to bring such items as four days’ worth of casual clothing — such as shorts, T-shirts, polos, etc. — comfortable walking shoes, toiletries and a pillow. In addition, brothers who plan to participate in athletic events at SigFest, such as Zorb soccer, broomball and basketball, should bring appropriate athletic wear. For their part, the Bowling Green staff will provide attendees with small towels, beds and bed linens. 


The Fraternity has hosted Balfour LTW annually since 1947, when it was simply called the Leadership Training Workshop. Balfour LTW is the Fraternity’s largest annual gathering of undergraduates and alumni, who travel from across North America to learn the best practices of running their chapters.


Held this year from July 28 to 30, every undergraduate chapter in good standing is afforded the opportunity to send five pre-paid attendees to Balfour LTW — Thomas Cowan Bell Chapters are afforded additional attendees, the amount of which depends on their status as a Blue or Gold chapter — who sign up to attend different officer tracks, such as Consul, Pro Consul, and Magister, among others. Undergraduates attending the event split their time between discussing their roles with counterparts from different chapters and conferring with the fellow officers of their own chapters, as well as formulating goals and a strategic plan for achieving success in the upcoming school year.


For more information about the 2016 Balfour LTW, contact Andrew Nepp, MINNESOTA 2015, leadership programs and data coordinator, at (847) 869-3655, ext. 229.