The Fraternity’s Ritual book was reprinted this summer to include the various changes that have been approved by the Fraternity during the course of the last 10 years. The revisions to this version of the Ritual book are significant; therefore, per the Grand Consul’s order, all brothers must return any existing copies of the Ritual in their possession for exchange.
In order to receive the newest Ritual book, chapters must exchange the copy currently registered to it based on the book’s uniquely numbered identification mark. To preserve the sanctity of the Fraternity’s document, all Ritual book exchanges must be done in person.
Anyone unable to attend Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, must please contact Sigma Chi International Headquarters at headquarters@sigmachi.org and Headquarters staff will work to assist chapters in this matter. It is imperative that the Fraternity gets these new copies of the Ritual distributed as soon as possible.
To view the Ritual book that Sigma Chi currently has registered to your chapter, please follow this link, which will provide access to a list of all brothers whom currently possess a copy of the Ritual. If your chapter believes any of the listed information is incorrect, please contact Sigma Chi International Headquarters at headquarters@sigmachi.org.
Anyone with questions about this process or what it entails, please feel free to contact Headquarters at headquarters@sigmachi.org.