In late January, International Fraternity Headquarters mailed ballots and materials outlining proposed changes to the Ritual, to each undergraduate chapter. In order for its vote to count, a chapter must postmark its ballot no later than March 17.
Because of the secretive nature of the Ritual, we will not describe the proposed changes in this edition of the Preview newsletter, but a detailed description of them is included in the same envelope containing the chapter’s ballot. Please refer to those materials if you have questions regarding the suggested revisions.
Each undergraduate chapter has been sent one ballot, mailed to the address on file for its chapter house or alternative address. Votes indicated on the ballot should represent the chapter’s will as a whole, rather than the will of its Consul or executive council.
Further inquires regarding the revisions or voting process can be directed toward Carson Hallmark, NORTH ALABAMA 2013, leadership programs coordinator at Headquarters, at carson.hallmark@sigmachi.org.