The Sigma Chi International Fraternity received information on Jan. 20, 2015, which alleged that inappropriate pledging activities had taken place in a culture at the University of Houston's Epsilon Xi chapter that was inconsistent with Sigma Chi's values. The next day, the International Fraternity suspended the chapter for an indefinite period of time, notified the University of Houston, and simultaneously launched an investigation into the allegations.
On Feb. 19, the Fraternity became aware that the University of Houston Police Department (UHPD) was opening an investigation into criminal hazing activities at the chapter. The Fraternity immediately suspended its investigation before it was substantially completed, choosing instead to defer to local authorities to conduct a full investigation. Sigma Chi’s investigation remains on hold until such time as the UHPD concludes its own. Like the University of Houston, the Fraternity looks forward to allowing an opportunity for due process to be afforded in the interest and spirit of accountability and justice.
The Sigma Chi Fraternity, under the leadership of International President Michael Greenberg, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1982, has launched an aggressive campaign to eradicate hazing from the Greek-letter community and stands adamantly opposed to the practice in any form. Said Greenberg, “Hazing, in all of its ugly forms, will be eliminated from Sigma Chi. The bedrock of our Fraternity is to be men of character and leaders within our communities. Hazing is so far removed from the principles we believe in that we cannot, and will not, allow it to continue. Those who engage in this vile tactic will be held accountable.”
The Sigma Chi International Fraternity was founded in 1855 on the principles of Friendship, Justice, and Learning. It currently has 243 undergraduate and 120 alumni chapters. 320,000 men have been initiated into Sigma Chi since its founding, 250,000 of which are still living and active members. The Fraternity’s vision statement is to be the “preeminent collegiate leadership development organization – aligned, focused, and living our core values.