The Fraternity unveiled the 23 winners of its Legion of Honor Award at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. The winners are the chapters at:

McGill University;

University of Cincinnati;

Eastern Kentucky University;

University of Memphis;

Hanover College;

University of Waterloo;

Yale University;

University of South Alabama;

Clarkson University;

Albion College;

North Dakota State University;

Princeton University;

Arkansas State University;

Mississippi State University;

University of California-Merced;

University of Louisiana at Lafayette;

Central Michigan University;

University of Western Ontario;

Jacksonville University;

Hampden-Sydney College;

University of Toronto/Ryerson University;

University of Louisville; and

Western Connecticut State University.
The Legion of Honor Award is presented annually to those chapters that operate commendable scholarship programs, and help each undergraduate brother reach his potential during his college years.