Jan. 1, 2019, marked a new era for Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s leadership learning continuum and its online education system.
The Fraternity announced that it is transferring all present and future online learning modules, including its Preparation for Brotherhood pledge education program, from its inaugural partner Saba Software to WBT Systems’ TopClass learning management system.
“The switch from Saba to TopClass reflects a focus in our needs,” says Senior Director of Membership Development Jim Cogdal, BRADLEY 2003. “We are appreciative to Saba for their instrumental work in the rollout of Sigma Chi U and programs such as Preparation for Brotherhood and Ritual for Life.
“TopClass more closely fits the needs of Sigma Chi. This will make a better experience for undergraduate members, who will continue to receive world-class leadership education at their fingertips.”
Since 1995, WBT Systems has offered TopClass LMS to associates, extended enterprise and training organizations to build and improve education and certification programs.
Through TopClass, Sigma Chi online learning administrators, undergraduates and alumni volunteers will receive a system that integrates with Sigma Chi’s member database and will provide real-time updates to e-learning for relevant officers and roles.
TopClass will provide a more seamless experience that includes smoother navigation and user friendliness within the e-learning modules.
Undergraduate registration for the new learning management system will remain the same.
For more information, contact Associate Director of Education and Leadership Programs Anthony Monk, CINCINNATI 2016, at anthony.monk@sigmachi.org.