Sigma Chi International Fraternity has selected 19 men for admission into the Order of Constantine, its highest honor for members who have committed years of exemplary service to the organization. 
More than 740 brothers have been inducted into the Order of Constantine since its establishment at the 1948 Grand Chapter. To be considered for induction into the Order of Constantine, prospective members must have performed years of faithful service to the Fraternity and be endorsed by five Sigma Chis for admission, at least three of whom must have been inducted into the select group in a prior year.
Below is the list of new inductees:
Tim Aynesworth, TEXAS-AUSTIN 1970;
Terry Benassi, SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 1968;
Significant Sig Paul Cole, CALIFORNIA-SANTA BARBARA 1971;
Walter Cooner, EMORY 1974;
Gene Erbstoesser, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1970;
Vincent Fernald, BRIDGEWATER STATE 1990;
Significant Sig Robert Johnson, MIAMI (OHIO) 1969;
Don McKinney, TULSA 1984;
John McLean, SOUTH ALABAMA 1976;
Nathan Neal, GEORGE WASHINGTON 1983;
Gene Poldrack, SAM HOUSTON 1961;
Tom Smith, CENTRAL FLORIDA 1974;
Mike Taggart, FLORIDA STATE 1972;
Bill Tamblyn, SAN JOSE STATE 1982;
Jose Tovar, SAM HOUSTON 1986;
Dave Train, MICHIGAN 1984;
Significant Sig Gordon Whiting, CORNELL 1987; and
Tom Wilhite, HOUSTON 1977.