Sigma Chi International Fraternity members have raised their millionth dollar in 10 months in support of the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), and Fraternity leaders are confident that brothers will add another $200,000 by July 31.
The $1 million mark was reached on May 10; this comes less than one year after the Fraternity pledged to raise an all-time total of $10 million to HCI by 2022. Since Sigma Chi named HCI its preferred philanthropic partner in 2005, brothers have contributed more than $4 million to the organization to find a cure for cancer.
“This is the Fraternity and the [side of] Greek[-letter] life that we want everyone to see and know about,” says Lori Kun, director of development at the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. “People are so blown away by Sigma Chi’s enthusiasm and tenacity to support this fight against cancer.”
It is that enthusiasm upon which Order of Constantine Sig Dan Shaver, TEXAS TECH 1993, is relying when he says he believes Sigma Chis are capable of raising an additional $200,000 by July 31. Shaver is chairman of the Fraternity’s philanthropy committee.
“Everybody simply needs to dig deep,” he says. “[Our hope is that] those chapters who are on the bubble [of raising $20,000 and are] in the $16,000 or $17,000 range will reach out to their alumni, parents, relatives and communities to create one final push that will get them into the $20K Club.”
As its name suggests, the $20K Club is composed of chapters that raise more than $20,000 for HCI in a single year. Fifteen chapters were members of the club in 2015; so far in 2016, 18 chapters have raised more than $20,000, with another seven that are within $4,000 of totaling that amount.
People are really starting to feel this movement, and it has so much momentum behind it,” says Kun of the fundraising efforts. “[Order of Constantine Sig, Significant Sig and HCI founder Jon] Huntsman, PENNSYLVANIA 1959, and everyone here is just so thrilled with what Sigma Chi has accomplished.”