The Sigma Chi International Fraternity has partnered with seven other fraternties in the Fraternity Health and Safety Initiative (FHSI). Formulated by the risk management firm James R. Favor & Co. (JFRCo), the initiative will educate participants on issues such as sexual and relationship misconduct, binge drinking and hazing. The Fraternity has already created its sexual misconduct prevention Journey, a chapter development program, based on curriculum from JFRCo.
The Journey module has recently been presented at some campuses across the country. Regardless, the organizations within FHSI will have access to the three base trainer-led program modules, all focused heavily on utilizing bystander intervention strategies to help empower students to recognize, diagnose, and most importantly, intervene in potentially harmful situations. Each module also emphasizes the importance of informed decision-making and the evaluation of a given scenario’s risks/consequences, and subsequently challenges undergraduates to rethink their actions through the lens of their organization’s values. 
“The FHSI consortium represents the first time a group of fraternal organizations is uniting to tackle these societal issues head on,” said Marc Mores, executive vice president of JRFCo. “As organizations rooted in the principles of leadership and integrity, we share a mission and responsibility to take charge of the health and well-being of our members and their college communities. Powered by our curriculums, ongoing prevention efforts and the collective strength of the consortium, we believe the young men of these eight fraternities can be catalysts for the changes needed to create safer campus environments.”
To learn more about the initiative, visit http://fhsi.jrfco.com. For more about Sigma Chi’s sexual misconduct Journey, see the news story, “Sigma Chi Unveils Sexual Misconduct Journey Module.”