The Sigma Chi International Fraternity chartered its Kappa Eta chapter at Harvard University on May 2, 1992. Since that time, more than 500 men have been initiated into the chapter. Many of those have been leaders on their campus as students and many more have become business, civic and world leaders since their graduation.
Sigma Chi, like our many interfraternal counterparts, offers a place where young men can learn valuable life lessons as a natural outgrowth of voluntary association with like-minded men who believe in a common set of ideals. The rich programming opportunities we offer provide a direct benefit to the leadership and character development of our members, and these programs serve as the bedrock of our leadership laboratory philosophy that has enabled generations of men to become well-rounded contributors to society.
We are disappointed by the recent action taken by Harvard University to effectively sanction students for seeking leadership development opportunities through association with a fraternal experience. While the Harvard administration may have had the best of intentions driving their decision, we strongly believe that this policy will deprive young men and women of the opportunity to access critical education and peer support networks that are proven strategies in battling the challenges with which today’s college students grapple on a daily basis. Worst of all, we fear that this decision will only serve to stunt the development of the students who seek the kinds of personal development outcomes that Greek-letter organizations uniquely provide.
The Sigma Chi International Fraternity, our more than 500 Harvard alumni, and our undergraduate men very much desire to engage in an open dialogue with President Faust to discuss how Greek-letter organizations can contribute to a safer, more inclusive college experience. Collectively, Sigma Chi stands ready for Harvard University to accept our invitation to engage in that discourse, and we look forward to quickly reaching an amicable resolution.
Michael A. UrsilloBROWN 1978
69th Grand Consul