When a new colony is added to any fraternity, hope springs eternal. In the case of the colony at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, they are hoping to have a significant place within Sigma Chi’s legacy.
“It’s humbling to know that we have this opportunity at Auburn to bring back something new and make it whatever we want it to be,” says Consul Coleman Kitchens, AUBURN 2019, referring to the recolonization efforts. The Auburn chapter was originally installed on March 3, 1934, and the International Fraternity suspended it on Nov. 11, 2013.
“Every fraternity on campus has their stereotype, whether it is good, bad or indifferent. To start fresh … is awesome. That’s the vibe we have going around,” Kitchens says.
On Oct. 5, Des Robinson, TARLETON STATE 2015, the Fraternity’s director of expansion, notified what was then an interest group at Auburn that its Declaration of Intent to become a colony had been unanimously approved.
“We don’t want to be known for one thing other than being guys of high character,” says Kitchens. “I want us to be influential leaders on our campus.”
Kitchens has another motivation to help bring Sigma Chi back to the university: his uncle Jace Chandler, 1989, was initiated there.
As Kitchens was recruited to the group at Auburn, so, too, were 16 other men. He says that the quality of the initial recruitment bodes well for their colony.
“We held a recruitment event [on Aug. 29] and we were able to get a good group of guys. They didn’t want to join just any fraternity and be a ‘guy.’ They were enthusiastic about establishing their own name with Sigma Chi.”