On June 24, 2017, at the 81st Grand Chapter at the Omni Providence Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, new Executive Committee officers were installed to lead the International Fraternity. All will serve two-year terms, save for the undergraduate representatives named below, who will be in office for one year.
The new officers include: 70th Grand Consul (president) Tommy Geddings, SOUTH CAROLINA 1985; Grand Pro Consul (vice president) Steve Schuyler, ARIZONA 1979; Grand Quaestor (treasurer) Tim Sanderson, WESTERN ONTARIO 1985; Grand Trustee representative Tom Samulski, BRADLEY 1985; Grand Praetor representatives P.J. Stephens, WASHINGTON (ST. LOUIS) 1971, and Ryan Temby, RUTGERS 1990; alumnus representative Bob Wilson, FORT HAYS 1981; and undergraduate representatives Jordan Levy, ALABAMA 2018, and Jonathan Sanders, CAL. POLY.-POMONA 2018.
Additionally, the following ex-officio members were put in place to help lead the Fraternity: Grand Tribune Mark Quiner, WYOMING 1978; and 22nd Grand Historian Mike Codina, CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO 1993.