General Fraternity Recognizes Volunteers

At the 80th Grand Chapter in late June in San Diego, the General Fraternity announced the following volunteers that it recognizes for their service to Sigma Chi:

Edwin C. Fisher Grand Praetor Award winner P.J. Stephens, WASHINGTON (ST. LOUIS) 1971, Grand Praetor of the Central Florida province;

Erwin L. LeClerg Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award winners Kelly Nichols, CINCINNATI 1997; who advises the chapter at his alma mater; and Brad Wimpy, ARKANSAS STATE 1999, who helps guide the chapter at his alma mater;

William T. Bringham Outstanding House Corporation Officer Award winner Jeffrey Bird, INDIANA (PENNSYLVANIA) 1985;

Alumni Chapter Excellence Award winner, the Cincinnati Alumni Chapter; 

Jay E. Minton Best Alumni Chapter Officer Award recipient Kyle Snider, CINCINNATI 2010, of the Cincinnati Alumni Chapter; 

Parents Club Award recipient, the University of Texas-Austin Parents Club; and

Seven Lights Award honorees John Bitter, RIPON 2002; David Blum, CINCINNATI 1978; Manny Bondi, EMORY 1960; Dustin Buecker, MIAMI (OHIO) 1992; Jesse Dunbar, BELOIT 1995; Carl Graveline, CONNECTICUT 1981; Allan Hilsinger, CINCINNATI 1995; James Manocchi, RENSSELAER 1975; Roy Martin, CENTRE 1979; Howard Neill, WASHINGTON STATE 1967; Mark Paniccia, CONNECTICUT 1983; Timothy Ruff, BOWLING GREEN 1992; Robert Schmitt, RIPON 1979; Dan Sharpe, OHIO WESLEYAN 2005; Bob Stack, CONNECTICUT 1982; and Bill Wurst, RENSSELAER 1971.