The Sigma Chi International Fraternity has presented its 2017 Seven Lights Alumni Award to 24 brothers during the inaugural Celebration of Giving Back luncheon at the 81st Grand Chapter in Providence, Rhode Island. Each year, Sigma Chi presents the Seven Lights Award to alumni who have provided years of exceptional volunteer service to the Fraternity at the local, provincial or international levels. Each candidate must be nominated by at least three brothers, at least one of whom is a current Grand Praetor, Grand Trustee, alumni chapter president or chapter advisor. This year’s winners are:

Kevin Bidenkap, ARIZONA STATE 1990

John Brown, BRADLEY 1962

Tom Brodnax, EMORY 1968


Michael Davis, KENT STATE 1994

Leo Fackler, FURMAN 2003

William Folland, UTAH 1962

Sonny Freeman, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1970

Philip Genereux, RHODE ISLAND 1993

Bart Graves, NORTHERN ARIZONA 1979

Dirk Greene, OHIO STATE 1993

Al Hanbury, RENSSELAER 1974

John Leighton, SOUTH CAROLINA 1999

Jim McFerrin, WASHINGTON (ST. LOUIS) 1967

Rusty Pumphrey, STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 1986

Tom Ross, KENT STATE 1993

Douglas Sain, SAN DIEGO STATE 1985

Jim Salter, EMORY 1959

Johnny Santora, KENT STATE 2002

Vince Siren, WYOMING 1956

Steve Smelley, HOUSTON 1980

Ben Trachtenberg, YALE 2001

Charlie Westerfield, MURRAY STATE 2006

Brad Wimpy, ARKANSAS STATE 1999