During their meeting in Toronto on Oct. 12 and 13, the Fraternity’s Executive Committee adopted two new policies regarding the Good Samaritan conduct of members during a medical emergency and the conduct of alumni volunteers, respectively.
Individual members who assist another person in obtaining immediate and appropriate medical care will not be subject to individual disciplinary action with respect to the incident.
Chapters that seek immediate and appropriate medical assistance for a person in need may be eligible for a mitigation of charges related to violations of organizational policies.
View the full policy at sigmachi.org/goodsamaritanpolicy.
Volunteers of the International Fraternity are held to the highest of standards of conduct and shall always act with courtesy and self-control, recognizing their behavior shall reflect to our brothers and other people the purposes and values of Sigma Chi.
Sigma Chi takes issues of physical, verbal and sexual misconduct by its members especially serious and expects that all relationships between volunteers and others to be free of violence, bias, prejudice, intimidation and harassment.
Persons who violate this policy may be subject to conduct proceedings within the Fraternity pending the results of an investigation.
“The new policies help to protect Sigma Chi and our members by adopting best practices into our governance. Our members should always do the right thing by taking care of each other first. We adopted the Good Samaritan Policy to reinforce that message as paramount. The Volunteer Conduct Policy is simply an outgrowth of our principles and values and helps us declare to each other and to the world the expectations of helping Sigma Chi fulfill its mission,” says Fraternity Executive Director Mike Church, ILLINOIS 2005.
View the full policy at sigmachi.org/volunteerconduct.