The Fraternity has presented the 2015 Peterson Significant Chapter Award, its highest honor for undergraduate chapters, to 88 Sigma Chi groups at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. Established in 1964, the Peterson Award recognizes those chapters that achieve excellence in all operations, including academics, philanthropy, recruitment, and Ritual performance.
The Fraternity presents two levels of Peterson Awards: The Peterson Blue Award recognizes those chapters that score between 90 and 96.99 percent on their applications, while the Peterson Gold Award is reserved for those chapters that register between 97 and 100 percent on their applications.
The winners include familiar names such as the Louisville chapter, which has won the award 17 years in a row, as well as fresh-faced newcomers like Fort Hays, whose brothers are taking the award home for the first time since 1985.
The full list of 2015 winners¬†is available on Sigma Chi’s website.