Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig Ed Spencer, ROCHESTER 1967, is one of seven alumni from the 74 men’s fraternities that the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) represents who will be honored this year with the Alumni Award of Distinction. Spencer and the other honorees will receive the awards at the NIC’s annual meeting of the House of Delegates on April 19 in Kansas City, Mo.
The NIC says its alumni award recognizes fraternity men who have given of their time, talents and service for the betterment of his fraternity. Spencer, a former vice president for student affairs for Virginia Tech, has volunteered for Sigma Chi for more than 20 years. He is a member of its Leadership Training Board and is chairman of the operating board for its Journey chapter development program. Spencer was instrumental in the development of Sigma Chi’s new sexual misconduct prevention program for undergraduates, and has been involved with the creation of educational curriculum for collegians.
In addition to the Alumni Award of Distinction, the NIC also presents such honors for undergraduates and chapters. “The awards of distinction provide excellent examples of the fraternity experience done right,” says Pete Smithhisler, NIC president and CEO. He adds that the awards give the fraternal movement a measure of success and a goal for further development for which to strive.