At the 80th Grand Chapter from June 25 to 27, 2015, in San Diego, delegates voted to rename the Leadership Training Board as the Education and Leadership Board (ELB) to better reflect the entity's modern role. The change amended the Statutes and Executive Committee Regulations to reflect the new name, while leaving unaltered the mechanics of the board's operation. The chairman of the ELB is Significant Sig Ed Spencer, ROCHESTER 1967. 
The remaining members of the board are: Order of Constantine Sig Loren Butler, IDAHO 1963; Grand Historian Mike Codina, CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO 1993; Order of Constantine Sig Mark Galbo, SAN JOSE STATE 1982; David Hanger, DEPAUW 2011; and 2013 International Balfour Award winner Andrew Esstman, INDIANA 2013.