The undergraduate delegates present at the June 10 to 12 meeting of the Grand Council in Skokie, Ill., elected Austen Radke, CAL. STATE-FRESNO 2016, and Tyler Rochelle, NORTH CAROLINA-CHARLOTTE 2017, as the Fraternity’s undergraduate representatives to the Executive Committee (EC), which operates as the Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s board of directors.
As voting members on the EC, Radke and Rochelle are charged with conveying the undergraduate population’s sentiments and concerns to their fellow members of the committee. In that role, they will help the committee to establish the Fraternity’s budget, act upon recommendations and reports from the Fraternity’s various boards and committees, and work with executive director Michael Church, ILLINOIS 2005, to assign duties to the International Headquarters staff. In addition, the EC administers Sigma Chi’s endowment and trust funds, and establishes Executive Committee Regulations, which are a part of the Governing Laws.