Fraternity Launches Sigma Chi Today

New e-learning course for alumni reacquaints them with Fraternity

Sigma Chi Today brings alumni up to speed on Fraternity’s evolution and how Sigma Chi continues to serve members today

A new learning opportunity for Sigma Chi alumni aims to reacquaint Sigs with the Fraternity of today and how it continues to thrive in the present.

Sigma Chi Today, launched May 1 under the charge of 73rd Grand Consul Bob Wilson, FORT HAYS 1981, is a one-hour e-learning course that has the vision to bring all 250,000 living alumni up to speed on the Fraternity’s evolution since the 1970s and how Sigma Chi continues to serve members today. The online course invites participants to rediscover the heart and soul of the Fraternity and reconnect with the bonds that have shaped their life since Initiation while also focusing on how the Fraternity has needed to evolve to a new landscape and a new generation within campus life.

Topics within Sigma Chi Today include how we consistently live our values through new initiatives and our strategic plan; a profile of today’s Generation Z undergraduate student; an outline on the Fraternity’s Transformational Leader program; and how to get involved as an alumnus volunteer.

Of particular note within the course is how Sigma Chi’s educational initiatives have been used to address various challenges facing Sigma Chis and chapters, whether that be empowering members to make values-based decisions through the Values-Based Leadership Certificate; the anti-hazing initiative weaved within Preparation for Brotherhood; or the leadership-building Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop and Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit.

Today, all of these educational initiatives fall under the Transformational Leader program, which launched in 2021 and is an innovative and hybrid educational approach to help develop leaders and teach them the necessary skills to overcome professional and personal challenges. It was born out of the realization that undergraduates were entering the workforce with a gap in their soft skills and ability to be effective leaders. Sigma Chi aims to lead the way and transform the interfraternal landscape by bridging this gap.

The course ends by reminding participants that Sigma Chi is a legacy that continues to shape who we are today. Together, we can amplify the impact of our shared values to ensure that the spirit of Sigma Chi thrives for years to come. We can continue to be a catalyst for positive change by volunteering in a local, educational, international or professional capacity. By doing so, we can spark growth in a new generation of Sigs.



Get reacquainted with the Fraternity by visiting sigmachi.org/sigma-chi-today.

To get involved as an alumni volunteer, visit sigmachi.org/home/alumni/get-involved; email alumni@sigmachi.org; or call 847-869-3655.