Walker Wiggins, ARKANSAS 2018, was initiated into Sigma Chi in January 2015. He comes from a rich Sigma Chi background as his father David Wiggins, 1986, and twin brother Wiles Wiggins, 2018, also are Arkansas Sigs. Walker served as his chapter's Quaestor during his junior year and Magister in his senior year. He worked closely with the University of Arkansas' freshman engineering program all four years of his college career. He would meet with 12 freshmen for 30 minutes each week to help them transition from high school to college. Wiggins used this opportunity to recruit a couple of students to become members of his Sigma Chi chapter. Wiggins was recognized as the Freshman Engineering Program Senior of the Year as a result of his contribution to the program. Also, he started coaching 2nd grade basketball for the Fayetteville, Arkansas, Boys and Girls Club. Wiggins enjoyed the experience so much that he invited other brothers from his chapter to join the following year. This helped to establish a network of roughly 18 Sigma Chis volunteering their time to coach second- and third-graders throughout the basketball season.
Wiggins graduated the University of Arkansas with a degree in biomedical engineering with a 4.0 GPA, and  currently attends the University of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville. Wiggins plans to finish his doctorate and establish himself in either Arkansas or Florida. He has a passion for volunteering to help serve the less fortunate with their dental needs. Wiggins' long-term goal is to practice dentistry and use his engineering degree to help invent dental devices to help increase the outreach of dental care in rural areas and community clinics.