Volunteer Conduct Policy

Volunteer Conduct Policy


The Sigma Chi International Fraternity places great value on the impact that its members and supporters have through the spirit of service to Sigma Chi through volunteerism. Those who give their time and talents to Sigma Chi have been an enormous component of Sigma Chi’s outstanding success for generations. As a fraternity rooted in timeless principles which form the major constructs for a better life, Sigma Chi likewise believes that service to our fellow brothers is a fundamental responsibility of all Sigma Chis. However, that service must always be in the best interest of the organization and with due respect to Sigma Chi’s principles.


Sigma Chi takes issues of physical, verbal, and sexual misconduct by its volunteers especially serious and expects that all relationships between volunteers and others to be free of violence, bias, prejudice, intimidation or harassment.  Believing that actions in violation of the spirit of this policy are unbecoming of a Sigma Chi, and still desiring to promote justice through seeking information before making any final determinations, the Executive Committee of Sigma Chi Fraternity adopts the following as the Policy of the Sigma Chi Fraternity in the event a member is alleged to have engaged in misconduct related to this policy. 


For the purposes of this policy, verbal and physical misconduct may include threats or actual instances of physical harm; demeaning, racist, and derogatory language; verbal or physical intimidation or coercion; and other verbal or physical conduct that risk the mental, emotional, or physical well-being of others.

For the purposes of this policy, sexual misconduct may include unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors; sexual jokes and innuendo; verbal abuse of a sexual nature; inappropriate and sexual commentary about an individual's body, sexual prowess or sexual deficiencies; leering, whistling or inappropriately touching; insulting or obscene comments or gestures; display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; and other physical, verbal or visual conduct of an inappropriate sexual nature.


Volunteers of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity including, but not limited to: Grand Officers, Committee and Board Members, Facilitators, Chapter Advisors, and House Corporation Members are held to the highest of standards and shall always act with courtesy and self-control, and their conduct shall reflect to our brothers and other people with whom they come in contact the purposes and values of Sigma Chi.

Individuals subject or witness to instances of verbal, physical, or sexual misconduct involving a volunteer, in person or virtually via phone call, text message, online messaging, or social media posting, should promptly notify the Executive Director as soon as possible. The General Fraternity will not take retaliatory action against any individual making good-faith reports of misconduct by volunteers and will promptly and thoroughly investigate all allegations. Volunteers have a mandatory obligation to inform appropriate parties if they are witness to, or have knowledge of, instances of misconduct involving another volunteer.


The Executive Director shall promptly notify the Grand Consul, and based on the initial information provided any combination of the following individuals may be notified and involved in adjudicating the allegation: Grand Pro Consul, Chairman of the Chapter and Member Accountability Committee (CAMAC), Head of Human Resources for the Sigma Chi International Headquarters, and others as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Director and Grand Consul. If the allegation involves credible information that a serious crime may have been committed, local authorities may also be engaged.

Temporary Suspension

Based on the initial information provided, the Grand Consul may determine that the volunteer should be placed on temporary suspension while the allegations are investigated. A volunteer on temporary suspension should immediately relinquish all responsibilities and duties and have no interactions with members or others in an official volunteer capacity until such time that the investigation is completed, and the Grand Consul or Executive Director notifies the volunteer that they are returned to active status.


An investigation will be conducted by the General Fraternity. Parties to be involved may include, but not be limited to, the Chapter and Member Accountability Committee and Fraternity’s Human Resources personnel, involved parties and witnesses, third-party counsel, and law enforcement. All care is to be used to protect the identity of parties involved throughout the investigation process, but anonymity cannot be guaranteed.


Volunteers found to be responsible for violations of this policy will be subject to prompt disciplinary action as provided in the Governing Laws. This includes, but is not limited to, removal from any elected or appointed office by the Grand Consul and possible expulsion from membership by the Executive Committee. Any volunteer who is placed on temporary suspension at an event and found responsible for misconduct under this policy shall forfeit any expense reimbursement to which he would have been entitled, and may be required to reimburse the Fraternity for any travel costs and event registration costs that had been paid directly by the Fraternity on the volunteers behalf.


Under no circumstances will the Sigma Chi Fraternity attempt to provide counseling, legal advice, or law enforcement throughout this process and will simply address misconduct amongst its volunteers as it pertains to their active role within Sigma Chi.

The Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters Staff are subject to similar corporate policies implemented and managed by the Executive Director and Head of Human Resources. Any conduct issues involving staff should be reported promptly to the Executive Director to handle.

False and malicious allegations of misconduct by members may be the subject of the appropriate disciplinary action.

Adopted by the Executive Committee during its meeting on October 13, 2018.