Positive Impact

“Individuals, buildings, machines, roads, etc, wear out with the relentless march of the years. Worthwhile institutions grow stronger as the years roll on. The tremendous motivating force of Sigma Chi is its everlasting appeal to youth. Each year sees an infusion of new blood into its ranks.”

17th Grand Historian, Robert Collett
Denison 1914

Sigma Chi has a tremendous impact not only to each brother in a chapter, but on their campus and surrounding community.

Sigma Chi Chapters annually raise over $4 million for local and national philanthropic causes.

Over 250,000 hours of community service are performed each year.

More than $4 MILLION invested annually in the leadership development of its brothers.

“Nothing so much tends to promote friendship, as the free mutual interchanging of our thoughts, hopes, and fears with one in whom we can confide.”

Founder Franklin Howard Scobey

Sigma Chi has raised more than $10 million dollars over the last 14 years For the Huntsman Cancer Institute and is has pledged to raise another $20 million by 2030.

An Average of 25 Student Body Presidents every year.
There are More Sigma Chis in Congress than any other fraternity.
More than 200 students involved in Student Government every year.

“It will be the greatest award for [me] if, through our history, college men are encouraged to persevere through life in their own pursuit of the ideals of the White Cross. May the story of men building upon our foundations serve as a continuing inspiration for those who will be the builders of tomorrow.”

62nd Grand Consul Douglas R. Carlson

The Sigma Chi Foundation has received more total annual support and provided more program services than any other Greek-letter foundation.