Preparation for Brotherhood

member development: preparation for brotherhood (p4b)

Our undergraduate brothers are the lifeblood of the Fraternity. Consequently, we believe that the manner in which we develop our members, especially our pledges, has the potential to shape the fate and future of Sigma Chi. This is in alignment with our strategic commitment to “deliver best-of-class leadership and educational programming to EVERY Sigma Chi undergraduate and alumni member.”

Over the last decade, Sigma Chi has invested in the development of an innovative approach to pledge education called the Preparation for Brotherhood Program.

Preparation for Brotherhood, thanks to the support of a lead gift from Significant Sig David Pyle, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1980, is the critical first step in a Sigma Chi’s life-long learning journey. All our chapters and colonies are required to use this program in educating new members.

The Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) program is designed to ensure that each new pledge, regardless of their chapter, gain a comprehensive, consistent, quality orientation to Sigma Chi — our history, values, ideals and programs — as well as, understand Sigma Chi’s commitment/contributions to the Greek world, campus and community. It ensures that Sigma Chi values remain front and center as a member of our organization.

As we teach principles, we hope to inspire our pledges to build lasting relationships with their brothers, to search for a way of life based on high ideals and to apply these ideals in their everyday actions. In short, it is our desire to inspire, educate, and help our members apply what they have learned.

Since the implementation of Preparation for Brotherhood in the 2015-16 school year, resulting program data points to higher pledge retention rates each year, an overall increase in pledge-class GPA each year, and an increase in leadership development and involvement among our members.

Additionally, chapters that implement the Preparation for Brotherhood perfectly are 80 percent less likely to experience an allegation of hazing.

For more information on Preparation for Brotherhood, contact leadership.programs@sigmachi.org.