Member Development: Philosophy

To be a Sigma Chi is to embrace a process of lifelong learning and a lifelong commitment to a set of ideals.


The learning process consists of instructional tools, shared experiences and a cultivation of friendships of a higher order — all working toward enlisting worthy men in a meaningful commitment of a lifelong duration.


Our award-winning member development curriculum is produced by the high-level professional team from the Sigma Chi Learning Institute in conjunction with top educational curriculum consultants.


Through a blended approach of online and in-person learning, our members receive content designed to help them:

  • Understand every aspect of our Sigma Chi ideals, history and traditions
  • Develop values-based leadership skills
  • Better understand the relevant issues found on college campuses today such as alcohol and drug abuse, mental health awareness, hazing and sexual misconduct


Furthermore, the hybrid approach that blends both eLearning and in-person learning paves the way to deliver highly accessible, relevant and impactful educational content that is sensitive to the time constraints and schedules of both our undergraduate brothers and alumni facilitators.

Sigma Chi Online

Sigma Chi Online, made possible through the support of Significant Sig Bill George, GEORGIA TECH 1962, the George Family Foundation and donors to the George Match Challenge through the Sigma Chi Foundation, is the Fraternity’s learning management system comprised of a full menu of online learning content that is available to all undergraduate members.


The service provides educational opportunities and content that combines curricula from existing values-based leadership programs with interactive mentoring and support from professionally-trained alumni.

alumni facilitator training

Sigma Chi developed its alumni facilitation training program in 2013 in response to an increased need for skilled volunteers. Always looking looking to better enagage alumni and expand our facilitator base for all leadership development opportunities, Sigma Chi offers mulitple training opportunities for leadership and development offerings focused on issues that undergraduates face today.

For more information on Sigma Chi Online contact leadership.programs@sigmachi.org.