Living Our Values

Member Development: living our values

In 2016, 69th Grand Consul Mike Ursillo, BROWN 1978, charged the Jordan Initiative Committee with developing a comprehensive Ritual education curriculum for new initiates following the completion of the Preparation for Brotherhood program.

In 2019, Ritual for Life will launch to every new initiate across the Fraternity.

Ritual for Life (R4L) is designed to educate each chapter’s new initiates on Sigma Chi’s Ritual history and inspire them to apply the Ritual’s lessons to their lives for the betterment of their chapter, campus and community.

By examining our Ritual, our new members are encouraged to make a lifelong commitment to the betterment of self, others and community through Sigma Chi’s values-based living. They will be inspired to find ways to apply our Ritual to their lives.

For more information on Ritual for Life, contact leadership.programs@sigmachi.org.