member development: leadership

The pinnacle of Sigma Chi’s leadership curriculum are two events that, upon their launch, changed the face of the Greek-letter world.

krach transformational leaders workshop

Each summer, Sigma Chi’s undergraduate chapters send a delegation of five-to-seven brothers who were elected to officer positions to meet as a collective group during the Fraternity’s longest-running leadership engagement event.

Formerly known as Leadership Training Workshop, Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (KTLW) creates an opportunity for undergraduates to undergo mentoring and strategic planning sessions to ensure improvement in their chapter roles and operations throughout the forthcoming academic year.

Sponsored by a lead endowment gift from 64th Grand Consul Keith Krach, PURDUE 1979, the former Chairman and CEO of DocuSign and Ariba and current United States Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, KTLW shifts between chapter small group discussions to officer-specific large-group educational presentations, both led by highly-trained alumni facilitators within the Sigma Chi Facilitator Academy. The alumni facilitators also serve as mentors for their assigned chapters during the following academic year.

The chapter officers meet together with the facilitator throughout the workshop’s three days to develop core objectives of the chapter’s strategic plan, which will be finalized at the beginning of the school year.

Attendees also meet in officer-specific groups at Krach TLW. In these presentations, individual officers will participate in core educational sessions related to their office, key initiatives within the Fraternity and the Ritual before breaking out to officer-specific small groups for personal mentoring from an alumnus facilitator. Here, the facilitators will teach best practices and provide guidance in values-based decision-making regarding the operations of the chapter.

Chapters also spend time meeting with other chapters within their province with their Grand Praetor and local alumni facilitators. In this meeting, brothers assess their operations and goals, and discuss the strategic plan components they plan to implement during the upcoming year.

Alumni also have training opportunities offered at KTLW for building operational and leadership skills, such as New Chapter Advisor training, which offers a blend of in-person and online training to accommodate all learning styles.

After the learning journey during throughout the day, Krach TLW is host to the annual SigFest activities and tournaments in the evening – an opportunity for chapters to challenge and interact with one another through a variety of athletic and educational opportunities. Beyond the competitive events, SigFest offers discussions on Ritual history and opportunities to meet Grand Officers and distinguished alumni in attendance.

ktlw logistics

The location of Krach TLW has moved throughout North America during the last 72 years, ranging from college campus in Texas and Ontario, Canada. In 2019, Krach TLW will be held from August 1 to 3 at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Email workshop@sigmachi.org for more information on the Workshop experience.

horizons huntsman leadership summit

In 1995, members of the Sigma Chi Foundation board of governors began exploring the Fraternity’s challenges and opportunities. The prevailing thought was to reestablish the core values of character and provide an opportunity for undergraduates to develop skills to deal with the complex and ever-expanding issues of our global society. Their idea was to create a program that encompassed a renaissance in the areas of core values and beliefs.

In 1999, after four years of development, the Fraternity launched Horizons, a six-day leadership program located in Snowbird, Utah. What began with 48 participants in a pilot program has grown into an annual attendance of nearly 250 undergraduates spread across five weeks each summer.

In 2014, through a generous endowment by Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig Jon M. Huntsman Sr., PENNSYLVANIA 1959, to the Sigma Chi Foundation, the Horizons program became the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit.

The Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit is a leadership development experience created for qualified undergraduate Sigma Chis with at least two years of academic eligibility remaining. The program is conducted in an ideal setting for outdoor adventure, interactive learning and inspired reflection.

The Huntsman Cancer Foundation and the Sigma Chi Foundation generously fund 100 percent of the Horizons experience through a leadership grant. This includes all travel, housing, food, curriculum, materials and activity costs.


  • Provide Sigma Chi undergraduates with the highest level of leadership training in order to positively impact our chapters, host institutions and the world
  • Expose Sigma Chi undergraduates to character development that helps them realize and explore their core values
  • Provide a growth experience that will support Sigma Chi brothers throughout their collegiate years and
  • Provide participants with a mentor that will help them further develop their character. 

For more information, email horizons@sigmachi.org. To apply for HORIZONS, click here.