Character-Based Recruitment

Member Development: Character-Based Recruitment

Throughout Sigma Chi, recruitment is a 365-day process of seeking the highest quality men on campus.

The health of an organization is determined by the quality of its members. Founder Isaac M. Jordan, MIAMI (OHIO) 1857, addressed the 15th Grand Chapter in 1884 stressing the importance of member selection. 

Founder Jordan’s speech provided the basis for the development of The Jordan Standard [D, Insert link to Jordan Standard] designed to ensure that our Fraternity growth is sustained by young men worthy of membership. It represents a minimum set of requirements that we use to evaluate potential members before they are invited to pledge.

Sigma Chi members better learn character-based recruitment and leadership skills through the Mission 365 course.

Mission 365 is designed to provide our undergraduate brothers with the necessary skills to recruit quality men into our fraternity.

Realizing that recruitment is the means by which we perpetuate our Ritual and Fraternity, the Fraternity provides a core curriculum and six electives that support our undergraduate brothers in looking for men of good character 365 days a year.

In essence, Mission 365 provides our chapters the opportunity to learn essential recruitment skills for fraternity life and the professional world.

For more information on the Mission 365 curriculum, contact leadership.programs@sigmachi.org.