Member Development: Accountability

Since the early 2000s, Sigma Chi has made a concerted effort to provide members with the resources needed to lead by example when facing challenging issues within the Greek community such as alcohol and drug abuse, hazing and sexual misconduct.

A new hybrid learning curriculum touching on these key issues, Values-Based Decision Making (VBDM), the Fraternity’s accountability education, will launch in Fall 2019.

Values-Based Decision Making is based on a more personalized learning experience that can be tailored to the needs of chapters and individuals, as well as be delivered in variety of educational settings and venues, including chapters, Sigma Chi Online, province conferences and Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop.

VBDM addresses accountability and the challenging issues on our college campuses today from a positive behavioral approach, meaning that we explore these topics with the goal of inspiring change through positive reinforcement of brotherhood, healthy relationships and our values.

The core curriculum (pre-learning, in-person and post-learning) invites our undergraduate brothers to live more authentically by holding self and others accountable to the seven values of Sigma Chi.

Our undergraduate bothers are introduced to the new S.O.A.R. Model, the third Sigma Chi instructional model, that will enable them to make values-based decisions – decisions that give them wings to “soar” toward the White Cross.

An integral component of the core curriculum is the art of giving and receiving feedback through the Sigma Chi Feedback Model. The topics areas and models in the core curriculum are foundational to the entire VBDM program. Therefore, the core curriculum is a prerequisite to the seven electives.

The naming of the elective areas reflects our positive behavioral approach mentioned above, e.g., the elective aimed at eradicating hazing is called True Brotherhood and the elective addressing sexual disrespect and assault is called Healthy Relationships. Each one of the electives takes the learner on a journey toward holistic living where healthy masculinity and self-identity actualize personal mission and the collective mission of the larger fraternity.

For more information on Values-Based Decision Making, contact leadership.programs@sigmachi.org.