Sam King


Resident Expansion Coordinator (Wisconsin-Madison)

About Sam

Sam grew up in the shadows of Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan. As a result, his life has always been intertwined with academia and Greek-letter life. He is proud of his heritage, and makes a point to indicate where he is from using his left hand as a physical map of his home state, aka “The Mitten.” Out of high school, Sam ran a 2,000 member ski club on Michigan’s State’s campus before enrolling at Mississippi State University. At a horrifying 23 years old, he became a brother of the Fraternity's Gamma Upsilon chapter at the school. After earning his degree in economics he went to work at a small law firm back in Michigan. He is currently a resident expansion coordinator for the associate chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and studying for his Series 66 exam. In his free time, Sam likes to travel and befriend all he encounters on his way.

Job Description

As the resident expansion coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  Sam is responsible for reestablishing and supporting the associate chapter at the school. This includes guiding and mentoring the members of the Fraternity's associate chapter and its members through the Fraternity's chapter installation process. 

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