Michael Church

Illinois 2005

Executive Director

(847) 869-3655

About Mike

Mike joined the International Fraternity Headquarters staff in July 2005, assuming the role of executive director in January 2014. He is a lifelong student of the Ritual and the Fraternity’s history, heritage, and purposes, and was named a member of the inaugural class of Ritual Masters in 2012. Mike is married to his sweetheart, Blair, and together they have two children: Adaline and Joseph. In his limited free time, Mike enjoys fitness, reading, writing and the process of being a lifelong student.

Job Description

As executive director, Mike is the president of the Sigma Chi Corporation and the chief operating officer and chief of staff for the Sigma Chi International Fraternity. His primary responsibilities include advising the Executive Committee and Fraternity on strategic initiatives, overseeing the implementation of the directives and direction set by the Executive Committee as part of the strategic plan, managing the personnel and activities of the Headquarters staff, and representing the fraternity in various inter- and intrafraternal capacities. He is also tasked, in conjunction with the Grand Quaestor and the controller, with preparing and managing the Fraternity’s budget and financial activities. 

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