Chris Hicks

Georgia Southwestern 1996

Sr. Director of Chapter Enhancement
(847) 425-4433

About Chris

Chris served as a volunteer for the Fraternity in several areas prior to joining the Headquarters staff. He served as Grand Praetor for the South Carolina province and later for the Western North Carolina province. He was part of the inaugural Ritual Peer training course at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) and went on to earn his Ritual Peer and Ritual Master certifications. He has also served on the International Fraternity’s Ritual committee, and has worked as an assistant Ritual director for several chapter installations. Additionally, he has volunteered as a facilitator in the Ritual divsion at Balfour LTW. He holds a degree in music education, with a background in finance and the stock market. He lives in Charlotte, North Caorlina, with his wife and his two sons. His reason for staying involved with Sigma Chi, “My father taught me to always give back to those things that mean the most to us, he is the greatest Sigma Chi that I know. I also do this in the hopes that when my children and their children are in college, that there will be a great Sigma Chi experience awaiting them.”

Job Description

As a senior director of chapter enhancement, Chris works within the Fraternity’s undergraduate services department to provide guidance to its undergraduate chapter and volunteer advisors in fulfilling the goals in their strategic plans. Serving as an ambassador for Sigma Chi, he works closely with the Fraternity’s Grand Praetors, or regional governors, and chapter advisors to assist the undergraduate leadership with various aspects of their chapter’s operations and facilitates relationships between the chapters and university partners. 

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