Art Berg

Ohio 1982

Member Services Manager 
(847) 425-4437

About Art

Art was initiated into the Fraternity’s undergraduate chapter at Ohio University on Feb. 3, 1979. As an alumnus, he has served the Fraternity as an assistant Grand Praetor and a Grand Praetor, or regional governor, of the West Virginia/Pittsburgh province. He also served his undergraduate chapter as its colony advisor leading up to its reactivation on March 19, 2016. Art is an entrepreneurial professional with proven and growing skills of leadership, tactful collaboration and thinking on the fly. Greek-letter life is well represented in his household — his wife is a member of the Alpha Xi Delta women’s fraternity and his two sons are members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternities.

Job Description

In his role as the member services manager for the Risk Management Foundation (RMF) and the Constantine Housing Initiative (CHI), Berg will focuses on house corporation and client-oriented services in support of the RMF and CHI missions. Additionally, he provides appropriate informational programs and communications to RMF/CHI clients and other stakeholders while supporting the executive director, operations director and staff with day-to-day operations.


Berg’s work continues the build out of staff in support of the Constantine Housing Initiative to ensure housing is safe, secure, and representative of the high values of Sigma Chi. This role also helps RMF’s goal to increase proactive communication with our members. He works alongside Grand Praetors, Grand Trustees, and other volunteer advisors to provide support for our undergraduate and house corporation officers.

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