Sigma Chi International Fraternity is pleased to announce its partnership with Legacy Deuteron as the Fraternity’s new official jewelry manufacturer. The Executive Committee voted to make the switch after Eugene “Buddy” Cote, who has managed the Fraternity’s jewelry accounts for 35 years, parted ways with Herff Jones in 2020 and then founded Legacy Deuteron.

The move ensures that the high-quality craftmanship, timeliness and unique Fraternity needs continue to be met.

 “[Cote]’s been our friend and interfraternal brother for 35 years, watching out for us in more ways than we could ever know,” Fraternity Executive Director Mike Church, ILLINOIS 2005, said as he made the announcement at the 83rd Grand Chapter held June 24 to 27 in Scottsdale, Arizona. “We are proud to announce a new partnership that we are sure will be fruitful for many years to come.”

Sigma Chi’s inaugural jewelry partnership began with 29th Grand Consul L.G. Balfour, INDIANA 1907. Balfour started the LG Balfour Company in 1913, and the jeweler eventually became the premier fraternity jewelry manufacturer. In 1985, Cote began working at the LG Balfour Company as its marketing and sales manager and was in charge of directing and growing its fraternal division. In 1994 the company sold its fraternal division to Legacy Fine Jewelry, which was later sold to Masters of Design, which was later sold to Herff Jones.

“Wherever the legacy of L.G. Balfour went, so went Sigma Chi, labeling each of those companies as our official jeweler along the way,” Church said. “Working for the LG Balfour Company for nine years, (Cote) would gain a fond affection for the history, heritage, and affinity that fraternity men had for their symbols and the jewelry they wore. He adopted Mr. Balfour as a spiritual mentor.”

The official partnership between Sigma Chi and Legacy Deuteron took effect June 15.