About the Transformational Leader Program

     Sigma Chis expect more from themselves and their college experience. The Transformational Leader program is Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s over-arching leadership development program for all undergraduate and alumni members. This program aims to equip Sigma Chis with the needed life and leadership skills and competencies to transform their careers and chapters. 

The transformational leader first must learn to manage self before being able to lead others and cultivate action within your community or campus. Becoming a transformational leader is not a destination; rather, it is a lifelong journey of your own making for continuous self-improvement to be a better leader, friend, brother, son and partner through application of Sigma Chi’s seven values. 

     Every brother is challenged to identify and develop his own life and leadership goals through courses delivered online and through life-changing leadership experiences. Sigma Chis learn valuable new skills, such as resiliency and effective collaboration, develop those skills through practice, then apply their knowledge as they advance their leadership abilities. These skills increase success in college and provide a competitive advantage in the workplace. Each of the nine certificates within the Transformational Leader program contain 12 leadership competencies that make up the Transformational Leadership philosophy: 

“The practice by which leaders inspire and empower others to innovate and create change that will positively impact the Fraternity and ultimately the world.”  

     Sigma Chi, through the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute, is the first Greek-letter organization to offer a leadership development experience that includes coursework that could potentially yield transferrable credits and digital badges. Sigma Chi Leadership Institute is a candidate for accreditation by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, which is an accrediting body that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. This allows brothers to earn not only leadership certificates but also potentially transferable college credit throughout their undergraduate years and beyond. Funded by Sigma Chis through the Sigma Chi Foundation and free to all brothers, the Transformational Leader program is taught in a hybrid learning environment via Sigma Chi Online or through in-person instruction by certified Sigma Chi Facilitator Academy instructors at the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit, Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop or regional retreats. Sigma Chis make a lifelong commitment in their oath. Now, Sigma Chi is offering a personal development program that spans the lifetime of its members.