In the competency of “Community,” students discover the purpose of leadership in creating positive and lasting social change within their communities. At the heart of such endeavors is the focus on alignment between values and action. An adoption of core values will enable productive and lasting change to take root regardless of demographic and geographical differences. Within this competency are two certificates.

The Community Program Certificates

Legacy Leadership: Sustaining Community

Length: 20 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

A legacy-focused leader displays sustained community and continued investment to an organization, cause or community. 



Strategic Planning 

Career Development 

Articulating the Value-Add of Legacy Leadership 

Distance Leadership: Connecting Community

Length: 40 clock hours | Format: Online

Distance leadership requires the recognition of unique opportunities that remote-based teams provide to organizations and to each other; thus, leaders must foster meaningful connections between remote team members to the benefit of both the organization and the members. In the Distance Leadership course, students will gain the knowledge and skills to navigate industries reliant on remote work and digital leadership across blended platforms. Students will learn how to manage virtual teams, make the most of virtual communication tools and motivate teams at a distance. Upon completion of this 40 clock-hour course, students will have an understanding of the potential benefits and drawbacks of working with remote teams, how to create an environment of mutual respect and strong team dynamics, and the tools available to lead individuals and teams at a distance. 



Introduction to Distance Leadership 

Generate Productivity 

Discover Tools and Technologies 

Establish Communication Effectiveness 

Understand the Role of Diversity 

Summative Assessment