In the competency of “Self,” students will learn tools that will increase their self-awareness. These tools will help develop a paradigm that enhances their personal efficacy. This framework provides the foundation for their development in academic, professional and personal spheres of influence. Within this competency are three certificates.

The Self Program Certificates

Foundational Leadership: Discovering Self

Length: 80 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

A foundational leader moves from the theoretical to the practical by analyzing the importance of symbolism within their personal and professional lives. In the Foundational Leadership course, students will embark on a path of self-discovery to build the foundation to become a leader and gain leadership skills that will serve them both personally and professionally. Students will gain an understanding that the growth and development of an organization’s vision, mission and values are integral in establishing foundational leadership qualities. Upon completion of this 80 clock-hour course, students will be able to demonstrate essential life skills that lead to personal fulfillment and success and recognize distinct leadership possibilities and positions in order to ensure talent alignment within organizations.  



Intro to Transformational Leadership 

Preparation for Brotherhood 

Ritual for Life 

Introduction to Officer Roles 

The Quest for Resilience* 

Articulating the Value-Add of Foundational Leadership 

The Quest for Resilience
*This micro-certificate is 10 clock hours and taught in a hybrid format. An integral part of being a student, as well as navigating life and work, is being able to recognize the potential transformation and growth afforded through change, challenges, stressors and adversity. Highly successful individuals exhibit a remarkable capacity for resilience, which is the ability to recover from and grow through adversity. The Quest for Resilience micro-certificate is designed to help students become more resilient in their educational and personal lives by “bouncing forward” toward a healthier, stronger and better self.  

Authentic Leadership: Leading Self

Length: 20 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

Authentic leadership is rooted in an ability to recognize and celebrate passion and purpose that leads to transformational change. In the Authentic Leadership course, students will learn how to apply their core values to everyday situations, actions and decisions. Gaining a deeper understanding of themselves through a SOCIAL STYLES™ behavioral assessment and the main elements of emotional intelligence, students will assess their talent and aptitude in relation to various leadership opportunities within their community and their careers. Throughout this 20-clock-hour course, students will strengthen their capacity for self-management, resiliency and versatility, ultimately resulting in a more integrated lifestyle and leadership framework.  



Discovering Your True North 

Social Styles: Introduction to Self-Perception 

Authentic Masculinity 

Articulating the Value-Add of Authentic Leadership 

Values-Based Leadership: Aligning Self

Length: 20 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

The heart of values-based leaders exists in their ability to apply principled beliefs and values to the various decisions and obstacles they encounter. In the Values-Based Leadership course, students will practice making decisions that align with their personal values and ethics. Throughout this 20 clock-hour course, students will gain the knowledge and skills to manage self while growing in their capacity to be resilient and versatile in complex and challenging situations. Further, students will learn strategies to creating a positive personal brand on social media, as well as integrate best practices in the dimensions of wellness and holistic living.  



Values-Based Decision Making (VBDM) – True Brotherhood 

VBDM – Drinking Smart 

VBDM – Healthy Relationships 

VBDM – Developing Your Brand 

VBDM – Clear Mind 

SOAR 2.0: Leadership Ethics 

Articulating the Value-Add of Values-Based Leadership