In the competency of “Action,” students will learn how to apply their awareness of self and knowledge of others to effect change within their personal lives, their organization and the community. They will learn to put leadership theory and strategy into practice as they help facilitate organizational growth and change. Within this competency are two certificates.

The Action Program Certificates

Adaptive Leadership: Facilitating Change

Length: 20 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

An adaptive leader empowers followers to address complex challenges in life. In the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute’s (SCLI’s) Adaptive Leadership Certificate course, students will gain the knowledge and skills to champion organizational growth and communicate a compelling vision for the future as they help others navigate dynamic environments to produce effective change. Upon completion of this 40 clock-hour course, students will be able to apply their knowledge of adaptive leadership theory as they develop plans and communicate a vision that mobilizes and focuses the efforts of others towards positive change.



Facilitating Change 

Conflict and Consensus 

Crisis Management 

Restorative Justice 

Leadership Transitions 

Articulating the Value-Add of Adaptive Leadership 

Innovative Leadership: Inspiring Action

Length: 40 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

Innovative leadership is grounded in the ability to empower others to move beyond their assumptions and biases to considering alternative ways in address presenting problems or newly emerging realities. In the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute’s (SCLI’s) Innovative Leadership Certificate course, the student will be invited to engage creative problem-solving skills that lead to 21st century imaginative solutions. Upon completion of the 40 clock-hour course, students will learn strategies in reshaping individual and collective paradigms through a growth mindset, mindfulness, and curiosity. Furthermore, students will learn how to recruit talent and diversity that aligns with the mission of their organization or community.



Design Thinking 

Innovative Leadership 

Communicating Vision 

Creative Collaboration 

Articulating the Value-Add of Innovative Leadership