In the competency of “Others,” students are introduced to leadership theories and practices that will enable them to interact with others more effectively. Utilizing an approach that emphasizes service, students will learn how others' perceptions of leaders influences a leader's effectiveness. Students will be introduced to tools and strategies that promote productive engagement with others. Within this competency are two certificates.

The Others Program Certificates

Servant Leadership: Empowering Others

Length: 20 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

A Servant Leader’s focus is on the growth and development of others through active listening, empathy, awareness and commitment.



Social Styles 360 Assessment 

Team Performance 

Followership: Serving the Vision 

Empowering Feedback 

Serving My Chapter and Brothers 

Mentorship and Coaching 

Articulating the Value-Add of Servant Leadership 

Enduring Leadership: Compelling Action

Length: 80 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

An enduring leader articulates a clear and compelling vision that is relevant to the needs of today yet responsive to what is on the horizon. In the Enduring Leadership course, students will gain an understanding of the role that individual values and social styles play in promoting effective collaboration and positive organizational change. In this 80 clock-hour immersive, experiential course, students will work closely with small groups and mentors to process feedback, improve their self-reflection skills, and practice effective communication. Further, students will become familiar with the stages of group development and learn strategies for building cohesive, mission-oriented teams so that the vision of an organization is not lost in the transition – instead, it endures.  



Intro to Enduring Leadership 

Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit 

Character-Based Recruitment

Length: 10 clock hours | Format: Hybrid

The Character-Based Recruitment micro-certificate is built upon the foundations of Mission 365. It provides students with practical suggestions and tools to elevate their recruitment efforts in the Quest for the Best on campus. Mission 365 consists of a 3½-hour core curriculum with four additional enhancement modules: Selecting Men of Character, Building Enduring Friendships, Marketing Our Differentiators and The Spirit of Sigma Chi. The four enhancement modules focus on identifying potential new students with remarkable character and talent; building relationships with potential new students; developing the skills to market our educational programs and offerings; and creating welcoming and inclusive campuses that embrace and maximize a diversity of backgrounds.