Giving Societies

Thanks to the generous support of our alumni brothers and friends of Sigma Chi, the Sigma Chi Foundation is able to provide nearly $10,000 in leadership curriculum and academic scholarship support to our undergraduate chapters every year. This is far beyond what any other Greek fraternity has been able to accomplish.

Giving societies, particularly the Foundation's prestigious White Cross Trust, were established to honor members that donate at certain levels. They honor lifetime giving as well as various levels of annual donations through the Life Loyal Sig annual giving program, the Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge, a program fund, Donor-Scholar or Foundation-operated scholarship funds, naming opportunities or historical initiatives.

William Lewis Lockwood Society

In honor of Founder William Lewis Lockwood, the Lockwood Society recognizes brothers and friends who have provided significant financial support. Membership in this premier giving society is based on cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 or more to Foundation-sponsored leadership and scholarship initiatives. Membership in the society entitles a donor to have their name permanently listed on the William Lewis Lockwood Society display at J. Dwight Peterson Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters and a new diamond Lockwood Society Life Loyal Sig pin.


James Parks Caldwell Society

James Parks Caldwell Society recognizes brothers and friends who have named the Sigma Chi Foundation as a beneficiary of a planned gift: A will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy or life income gift. The society’s namesake, Sigma Chi Founder James Parks Caldwell, was known for being true to principle. The society honors not only Founder Caldwell, but all who share a lifelong commitment to advancing the vision and interests of the Fraternity.

The Founders' Circle

The Founders’ Circle recognizes those who have achieved three significant milestones both in their volunteerism and their financial contributions: Induction into the Order of Constantine, entry into the William Lewis Lockwood Society (lifetime giving of $100,000 or more), and membership in the James Parks Caldwell Society (naming Sigma Chi Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift). Founders’ Circle members receive a customized ring and are recognized during Grand Chapter.

White Cross Trust

In 1994, Sigma Chi Foundation established the White Cross Trust to further the important work of the Foundation on behalf of the young men of Sigma Chi. The White Cross Trust represents a loyal and prestigious branch of Sigma Chi—stalwarts who truly bring honor to the White Cross we so proudly wear. The brothers, organizations and private donors of the White Cross Trust are the backbone of the Sigma Chi Foundation. Historically, the Foundation has relied upon these distinguished individuals most devoted to increasing service and broadening the horizons of education and leadership training.



$25,000+ annually / $2,000 monthly


$10,000 annually / $1,000 monthly


$5,000 annually / $500 monthly


$2,000 annually / $250 monthly

White Cross Trust

$1,000 annually / $100 monthly

Life Loyal Sig

Life Loyal Sigs are part of a brotherhood of young and old alumni who continue to reap the benefits of Sigma Chi membership long after their college years are over. Life Loyal Sigs exemplify the prosperity, achievement, idealism and deep sense of personal responsibility that we all wish for ourselves and our families. A Life Loyal membership is the best way for members to take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Sigma Chi. Significant Sigs David Letterman, Tom Selleck, Luke Bryan and Drew Brees are a few of the brothers to proudly wear this pin as a lifetime supporter of our Fraternity. Visit sigmachi.org/lifeloyal to learn more about our annual giving program.



$500 annually / $50 monthly


$100 annually / $10 monthly

Life Loyal Sig

< $99 annually