Scholarship review Statement

The Sigma Chi Foundation selects academic scholarship recipients following an in-depth application and review process. Applicants must successfully complete an online application, including formal letters of recommendation along with a copy of their most recent transcript. The applications are reviewed and graded by at least two members of the review committee, comprised of Foundation board members, alumni volunteers, and Sigma Chi staff. Each reviewer bases his or her evaluation on the applicant’s academic performance, chapter, campus and community involvement, demonstration of leadership, and financial need. Scholarship recipients are selected upon these reviews and their satisfaction of any unique criteria for Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge and donor-scholar awards. The Foundation maintains complete confidentiality of the individual scores and applications.

Upon selection, scholarship recipients must complete the confirmation process, including a written or video testimonial, and the upload of a headshot. Scholarship checks are issued in the name of the recipient ‘s respective university and deposited in the student’s financial account at their school. These scholarships are to be used strictly for educational purposes such as tuition, university fees and books.

The Sigma Chi Foundation awarded $463,300 in academic scholarships for the 2023-24 academic year, after receiving applications from 85 percent of Sigma Chi’s 245 chapters and associate chapters (a total of 1,018 submitted applications). Approximately 31.5 percent of all applicants were selected as scholarship recipients.