The 1855 Society

SigTalk with 69th Grand Consul Michael Ursillo, BROWN 1978

Time, Talent and Treasure

Honoring volunteers who contribute to each facet of Sigma Chi

Whether it’s the direct impact of undergraduate chapters through advisory or praetorial roles, serving housing corporations or alumni chapters, or even as a program facilitator or committee volunteer, the efforts of alumni volunteers have long ensured Sigma Chi’s position as the preeminent Greek-letter men’s organization in the world.

And while every volunteer role is important in ensuring Sigma Chi’s success, the leadership educational opportunities, academic scholarship and chapter support efforts afforded young brothers would not be possible without the crucial funding provided by alumni donors to the Sigma Chi Foundation.

The Sigma Chi Foundation is honoring each of those brothers who contribute their time, talent and treasure in support of the Fraternity at a significant level.

As of July 1, 2022, the newly-established 1855 Society recognizes alumni who achieve two milestones, collectively, over three years:

— Service to the Fraternity in any type of volunteer or service role that benefits an undergraduate or alumni chapter, the International Fraternity or any Sigma Chi entity, including elected positions, committee and board service, program facilitator roles. (1,855 minutes of service or 31 hours)

— And, contributing a cumulative giving amount of $1,855 or more (Approximately $51.52 monthly over 36 months) in support of one or more of the Sigma Chi Foundation’s many funding avenues, such as a Donor-Scholarship, chapter fund, Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge campaign or one of the many leadership programs afforded to undergraduate members.

Members of the 1855 Society will be honored with an exclusive token of appreciation, annual recognition within the Sigma Chi Foundation’s Annual Report and a special website honoring their service and monetary contributions.

The 1855 Society was engineered by a committee of longtime alumni volunteers and current members of the Foundation Board of Governors led by 69th Grand Consul Michael Ursillo, BROWN 1978; immediate past Grand Tribune Mark Quiner, WYOMING 1978; Christopher Walters, ROANOKE 2000 and Order of Constantine Sigs Mark Anderson, ILLINOIS 1977, and Loren Butler, IDAHO 1963.

“We joined the Sigma Chi Foundation Board of Governors because we believe in the work of the Foundation and have seen first-hand its support make a real difference,” said Ursillo. “And, as longtime volunteers, we know the time, dedication and service that many of our alumni make to ensuring the success of our organization.

“The 1855 Society was conceived as a way to honor those brothers who contribute their time and talents to any facet of our Fraternity’s work at a local or international level, yet offer their treasure to support the many needs funded by the Foundation such as scholarship aid, chapter support and the leadership continuum.”

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Why is it important to financially support the Sigma Chi Foundation?
Why is there such great financial need for Sigma Chi?
Other than financial donations, how can I help the Foundation?
Why do you personally give back to the Foundation?
I Already Donate / Have An Existing Pledge, Do I Qualify?

If you volunteer for any Sigma Chi entity and are already a recurring Foundation donor or are in the midst of a pledge, you may already qualify for the 1855 Society.


If your gift(s) or pledge payment(s) after July 1, 2022 equal the cumulative amount of $1,855 or greater by June 30, 2025, yes, you will qualify.