Six Steps You Can Take to Prevent Chapter House Fires
  1. Regularly inspect your chapter house, dorm or apartment for fire hazards. If needed, ask your campus safety office or local fire department for assistance.
  2. Install battery operated smoke alarms on every level of your chapter house. Maintain and routinely test smoke and fire alarm systems. Replace smoke alarm batteries at least every semester.
  3. Create and update detailed floor plans of your building or home and make them available to emergency personnel and your brothers.
  4. Post an evacuation plan and ensure that every brother is familiar with it.
  5. Conduct fire drills and practice escape routes and evacuation plans. The best plans have two ways to get out of each room. If your secondary route is through a window, use an Underwriters Laboratory Inc. approved collapsible ladder for escape from upper story windows. (For more information regarding approved safe products, visit www.ul.com/consumers.)
  6. Ensure that each member of your chapter knows how to properly operate a fire extinguisher.