Insurance Coverage

RMF strives to help enable students, alumni, and volunteers to identify and responsibly manage exposure to risk to best protect and improve the health, safety and wellness of all our members and communities.

RMF works to protect the

  • health and safety of our members
  • financial strength, assets, real property and intellectual property of the Fraternity and its Brotherhood
  • network of officers and volunteers from personal exposure in their fraternal service, and
  • continuation of the Sigma Chi experience on our campuses and in our world.

$252,000,000 in property covered by the RMF.

We Protect Through...

  • Securing, subsidizing and providing access to broad and comprehensive loss coverage at the best possible global market rates to protect the Fraternity, its organizations, properties, assets, chapters, members and volunteers.
  • Our Sigma Chi group insurance program which covers members, officers and volunteers while acting within the scope of Fraternity activities and policies. We are committed to supporting and protecting all Sigma Chi brothers, officers and alumni volunteers, and our coverages safeguard them from personal exposure in their fraternal service.
  • Providing advice and guidance on risk and crisis management to members and volunteers.
  • Advocating on behalf of the collegiate fraternal experience and for safe, effective and just campus social policy.
  • Supporting chapter house life safety initiatives, including our aim to have all Sigma Chi chapter houses fully protected with fire suppression systems.
  • Ensuring the perpetuation of Sigma Chi values and great aims of friendship, justice and learning on our campuses, in our communities and throughout our world.

RMF Insurance Resources

File A Claim / Report an Accident

Risk Management Foundation Insurance Program 
Claim & Accident Reporting Form 

Any loss or claim that may involve the protection covered by your insurance program should be reported promptly to RMF. Prompt reporting often prevents minor claims from becoming major problems. Failure to promptly report claims violates the conditions of our insurance policy and could result in the insurance company being relieved of responsibility for payment of an otherwise valid claim.

A chapter officer should report any potential claim or accident within 24 hours of the incident. 

Please follow the guidelines and submit the Claim Form below to begin the claims service process by the Risk Management Foundation and our Insurance Provider, JR Favor & Company.


As necessary, secure appropriate emergency medical attention for any and all injured persons.


Your insurance policy requires/provides that no one shall, except at their own expense, make any payment, assume obligations, or incur any expense other than for first aid. Only the insurance company has the authority to accept responsibility, make payments, repair damages, defend or otherwise settle a claim under the policy.


If suit, legal process, or claim notice is served upon anyone, IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY, and forward copies of the suit and all materials to: claims@riskmanagmenteducation.org


Authorize our insurance company to obtain and inspect necessary records and other information. Respond promptly and cooperate fully with the insurance company in the investigation, defense and settlement of all claims.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Risk Management Foundation offices at (847) 869-3658 or claims@rmfeducation.org.

RMF Property Incident Form

RMF Chapter Incident Form

Pay Your Bill
Understanding Your RMF Bill

The RMF purchases a master liability policy on behalf of its members.  

The cost of this master liability policy depends on a number of factors but primarily:

  1. Number of Undergraduates
  2. Number of Chapters
  3. Claims History

The RMF then has to appropriately allocate this cost among the membership.  To do this, we start with a per-man base rate. This makes the average number of members in the chapter during the prior school year the primary factor. In recent years, this base rate has been $197 per man, per year.  

In addition to the base-rate, chapters and house corporations are incentivized to practice preferred risk management techniques. Chapters that face disciplinary action or have a claim, are penalized, due to the additional exposure this creates for the overall program.

To read more about the various discounts available, please view the next section. 

RMF Discounts & Incentives

RMF Member Discounts & Incentives

Reduce your chapter’s RMF contribution costs by 20% or more.

Successful Chapter Claims History

Chapters with successful risk management procedures are rewarded a discount, while chapters that have demonstrated a high frequency or severity of are assed with a surcharge. 

-1% discount to +60% surcharge.

Avoid Risk Management Violations

A surcharge may be imposed for any conduct, discipline or risk management policy violations found against a chapter in the prior academic year.

Up to +10% surcharge based upon severity or frequency.

Alcohol-Free Chapter Facility & Licensed Vendor Pledge

Earn a 22% discount for your chapter’s commitment to alcohol- and substance-free housing facilities and the use of licensed, insured professionals for the provision and service of alcohol at all off-site chapter events. 

-22% discount.

Chapter Risk Management Plan Commitment Credit

Earn a 6% discount by developing and committing to effective chapter risk management procedures, policies and plans. Your Chapter Risk Management Plan Commitment must be reviewed in a formal chapter setting and signed by all brothers.

-6% discount.

Chapter Risk Management Presentation

Earn a 2% discount by hosting a risk management presentation for your chapter or campus. Please submit documentation of presentation and attendance of more than 75% of chapter members by Sept. 30.

-2% discount.

Fire-Suppressed Chapter House or Facility Credit

A credit for any chapter that hosts ALL chapter functions in fire-suppressed facilities.

-5% discount.

Enhanced Chapter House Security

Earn up to 5% discount for approved security, camera and electronic entry systems.

Robert E. Joseph RMF Scholar Award Winner

Receive a credit of 2% for winning chapters.

Peterson Significant Chapter Award Winner

Receive a credit of 1% for a Peterson Significant Chapter Award and 2% for Peterson Gold Award-winning chapters.

Please submit all incentives to the RMF by Sept. 30.

Questions? Email services@rmfeducation.org.

Certificates of Insurance


Certificates of Insurance provide others with evidence of and basic information about your insurance coverage.  Request for Certificates may arise from:

  • School Recognition Requirements or Relationship Statements
  • Proof of Insurance requests from venues, vendors or partners, or
  • Fraternity housing agreements.


Most commonly requested, Standard Certificates of Insurance provide evidence of basic insurance information to third parties such as schools, lenders, vendors and landlords. These insurance certificates show proof of your insurance, and do not provide insurance for the third party to whom they are furnished. COIs provide the policy numbers, underwriters, policy period, coverages and limits for your Policy. This Standard Certificate of Insurance should satisfy most requests regarding proof of insurance.

This also provides a good opportunity to review, update and educate all members on your Chapter’s event and risk management planning standards. Your forethought and advanced planning now, best ensure the future of the Fraternity and the safety of all.

If you require verification or assistance regarding a Standard Certificate of Insurance, please contact justin.brandt@rmfeducation.org



Additional Insured COIs list a third party, such as an institution, venue or vendor, as an additionally insured entity on your Policy. Such requests are less common, increase our insurance costs, and only apply where expressly required by a valid contract or standard written policy.


Requests and supporting documentation must be received in our underwriters’ office 30 days before the certificate is needed. This permits time for gathering all information, review by insurer or legal counsel, and making any necessary adjustments to the event plan.

To provide an Additional Insured on your policy, our underwriters require:

  • Documentation of the underlying contract or policy requirement.

Our brokers require documentation of the underlying contract or policy requiring proof of insurance.  Unfortunately, verbal or unsupported request alone will not suffice.

Schools: If your school is requesting to be named as an additional insured, such requirement must be published in an official policy or handbook outlining such requirements for all student organizations.

Venues or Lodges: If a venue is requesting to be named as an additional insured, such requirement must be included in their contract or rental agreement.


This provides a good opportunity to review, update and educate all members on your Chapter’s event and risk management planning standards. Your forethought and advanced planning now, best ensure the future of the Fraternity and the safety of all.



Evidence of Property Insurance (EOIs) provides proof of property insurance coverage to a legally interested party. To provide EOIs, our underwriters require a written request from the seeking party. For Lender requests, the Customer or Loan Number and Required Property Insurance Values must be included. To request an EOI contact pam.fisher@sigmachi.org



Volunteer Protection

At the RMF, we always understand when advisors and potential advisors want to double check the insurance coverage provided for volunteer service. Sigma Chi and Risk Management Foundation are fully committed to insuring all of our volunteer alumni as they form the backbone of our Fraternity. As such, the coverage available for alumni brothers is both broad and comprehensive.


Volunteers are covered by the Fraternity’s liability insurance under the following conditions

    1. Only while complying with Sigma Chi’s policies
    2. Only while acting in their official capacity
    3. Only while acting within the scope of their duties
    4. Only for their activities on behalf of the Fraternity 


It’s important to note that any insurance is in addition to favorable treatment of volunteers under the law.  Please see the Volunteer Protection Act.

There is also some favorable case law precedent, that can be reviewed here

RMF Membership Application | HC Property Insurance

Property Only Insurance Application

RMF Membership Application | Associate Chapter


Please note that the General Fraternity requires insurance coverage, as stated in ECR 6.02-i-4, to be in place once the Declaration of Intent has been officially accepted by the New Chapter Development Committee and the Executive Committee.

Associate Chapter RMF Membership Application

NOTE: Completion of application does not constitute a binding of coverage. Applications will be reviewed and rated with a formal proposal and invoice to follow.

Please email rmf@sigmachi.org with questions. 

Sigma Chi Fraternity and the RMF have an agreement in place to allow Associate Chapters some financial flexibility during their development