66th Grand Consul, Order of Constantine and Significant Sig Wayne Tucker, BAYLOR 1985


SUPPORTING THE L. Wayne Tucker, Jr.
Jordan Standard Leadership Scholarship Fund

With great pride and appreciation, the Sigma Chi Dallas Alumni Chapter is honored to announce the inception of the L. Wayne Tucker, Jr. Jordan Standard Leadership Award, to recognize 66th Grand Consul, Order of Constantine and Significant Sig Wayne Tucker, BAYLOR 1985, for his over 36 years of exemplary leadership as a Sigma Chi brother.

Our goal in creating this award is to build a scholarship endowment that will provide scholarships to worthy brothers, in perpetuity.

In honor of Wayne Tucker’s influence and legacy, the intent is to select and award an undergraduate brother who exhibits the seven characteristics of the Jordan Standard of Sigma Chi, with zeal and fervor.

The award will initially be for one undergraduate and $1,000.00 to be awarded for his college or chapter expenses.

As a life member of the Sigma Chi Dallas Alumni Chapter, Brother Tucker was significantly instrumental in every facet of Sigma Chi. Upon initiation at the Eta Omega chapter at Baylor University in 1985, Wayne launched a career of undying service to our fraternity in numerous capacities. He truly served the International Fraternity, highlighted by serving in volunteer positions as Chapter Advisor, Grand Praetor, Dean of the Praetorial College, Grand Quaestor, Grand Pro Consul, member of the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee, and countless other duties to which Sigma Chi was the beneficiary. Wayne’s service and leadership were highlighted as the 66th Grand Consul (2009-2011), Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig.

In Brother Tucker’s fifty-eight plus years, he made the most of his skills and vast knowledge to make those around him always proud to be a Sigma Chi.

The Sigma Chi Dallas Alumni Chapter is focused on honoring Brother L. Wayne Tucker, Jr., with this scholarship award annually and will seek to further develop the award as funds are available. We endeavor to make this a substantial contribution for worthy undergraduates going forward and expand the number of recipients as financial participation allows.

All honor to the name of Brother L. Wayne Tucker, Jr. and the legacy he has left.

We thank you in advance for seeing that this award is worthy of your attention and support.

All Honor To His Name.

The Sigma Chi Dallas Alumni Chapter


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