Developing Character-Based Leaders

From the early days of Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (formerly Leadership Training Workshop) through the development and 1999 debut of Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit, the Sigma Chi Foundation directly supported the need for leadership growth within Sigma Chi members.


Over the past two decades, however, the Sigma Chi Foundation has ramped up its support of educational opportunities provided to Sigma Chi members, providing more than $40 million — tops in the Greek-letter world — in direct support to the Fraternity’s development of educational offerings culminating in the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute (SCLI).


SCLI leadership curriculum provides touch points on the issues impacting college students today, as well as the growth of values-based leadership and soft skills sought after by employers. These offerings, new and existing, are available through Sigma Chi's Transformational Leader program, a comprehensive member development and educational program that offers certificates, credentials and micro-credentials to undergraduate Sigma Chi members.


Undergraduate members who participate Sigma Chi's legacy programs such as Krach TLW, Horizons, Preparation for Brotherhood, Ritual for Life and Officer Training Academy will now receive validation for their efforts that can be placed on their resumes to future employers.


By sponsoring certificate elements or leadership educational modules, you are helping provide opportunities to our members unafforded by any other organization in the Greek-letter world.


See below for existing sponsorship opportunities through SCLI:

Sigma Chi Online

Sigma Chi Online, made possible through the support of Significant Sig Bill George, GEORGIA TECH 1962, the George Family Foundation and donors to the George Match Challenge through the Sigma Chi Foundation, is one of the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute’s delivery vehicles providing leadership programs to Sigma Chi’s members.

Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop


In 2020, Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (KTLW), the largest leadership event in the fraternity world, pivoted to a virtual format that attracted more than 1,600 participants. In 2021, workshop will formally change from an officer-driven skills education vehicle to a leadership education vehicle offering two leadership certificates and two leadership micro-certificates to Sigma Chi members. The workshop, named in honor of former Grand Consul Keith Krach, PURDUE 1979, will take on new meaning as one largest fraternity leadership events in North America building generations of Sigma Chis who will assume key roles on campus and in the business and professional worlds.

Officer Training Academy

The success of the virtual Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop demonstrated the potential for hosting officer training in a virtual format well into the future. The result? The launch of Officer Training Academy, a twice annual training opportunity for Sigma Chi’s existing and future undergraduate chapter officers utilizing the educational tools formerly provided at Workshop in large group and small group sessions via the Sigma Chi Online learning management system by Canvas.

Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit

The premier individual training mechanism in the Greek-letter world upon its launch in 1999, the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit in Snowbird, Utah annually provides 240 undergraduate members with an all-encompassing interpersonal leadership experience alongside brothers from chapters across North America. In 2021, thanks to SCLI’s accreditation candidacy, the Horizons experience will earn brothers a certificate in Enduring Leadership. Participants will leave their six-day journey with a new understanding of their unique talents and use that knowledge to build their chapters and create a foundation for lifetime success.

Values-Based Decision Making

With online and in-person curriculum that touches on social issues impacting college students and young adults across North America and the globe, the modules within Values-Based Decision Making teach members to face challenges and lead with Sigma Chi values. Current and future modules discuss issues surrounding alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, social media etiquette, mental health, hazing, racial sensitivity and much more. Starting in 2022, completion of VBDM curriculum will net Sigma Chi members with a certificate in Authentic Leadership.

Preparation for Brotherhood & Ritual for Life

The award-winning program that launched Sigma Chi’s online educational journey in 2015, Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) is designed to ensure that each new pledge, regardless of his chapter, gains a comprehensive, consistent and quality orientation to Sigma Chi. Ritual for Life follows initiation building on this foundation with comprehensive Ritual education for new initiates. P4B won a 2019 gold medal from the Brandon Hall Group for “Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Process.” Chapters that deploy it correctly are 80 percent less likely to experience a hazing allegation and also have fewer accountability incidents. Both elements will serve as key elements of the Foundational Leadership certificate which launched to pilot chapters in February 2021.

Keller Zibilich Strong Arms Program & Reach Out App

Suicide prevention and mental health are major concerns on today’s college campuses — and, with your help, Sigma Chi is addressing them with the Strong Arms e-learning program and the Reach Out app that offers 24/7 phone access to mental health professionals. In 2019, the Strong

Arms program won the North American Interfraternity Conference’s prestigious Laurel Wreath Award for its work in shaping mental health awareness on campuses across North America. The Strong Arms curriculum will be provided to all new Sigma Chi members as part of the Foundational Leadership certificate program.

Mission 365 Character-Based Recruitment

A key element of the future Innovative Leadership certificate, Mission 365 provides members with a blended learning experience that teach the soft skills and leadership traits needed to make informed, character-based decisions about recruitment for their chapters. Brothers learn to present Sigma Chi’s unique qualities and programs to assure recruitment goals are met.